Consistently delivering quality and freshness. The Wafex way.

The Sovereign Flowers brand was launched in 2009 with the premium quality white “Icebreaker Rose” after Australian florists had expressed the need to be able to clearly identify high quality and premium flowers that consistently delivered in terms of freshness, vase life and unique varieties.

The Sovereign Flowers brand was developed to assist florists when sourcing premium quality blooms for their shop, wedding or large event.

“Icebreaker Rose” is grown under contract for Sovereign Flowers and has now established itself as the most reliable and consistently supplied white rose variety in the Australian market.

Sovereign Hypericum is known for the best colours, largest berries and most superior vase life and our Gypsophila Excellence has brighter flowers, stronger stems and fuller bloom.

Sovereign aims to highlight the best of breed from across the world.