Striving to achieve equitable and sustainable trade outcomes for all people. The Wafex way.

Fair Trade: Sustainability and Responsibility.

Wafex is a company that takes the future very seriously!

Our overall company ethos and ethics is about being ecologically, economically and environmentally responsible and sustainable. We believe in fair trade for all people and all products.

Being a globally connected company we deal with a range of different cultures and geographical conditions, but at all times our approach to the business is the same – creating relationships and partnerships that assist growers and suppliers in developing and developed countries, achieve sustainable and equitable trade outcomes. Our overseas farms and farmers are at the heart of their local community, whether that be in Kenya, Ecuador or South Africa. Many are family businesses that support their local community with programmes for women, wildlife reserves, community infrastructure and schools.

For many of these communities education, health care, better working conditions and environmental sustainability are a big part of their future!

Whether it be sustainable packaging, rainforest alliance, recycling, reducing waste, supporting farmers with correct economic and social equity – it is all about now and the future. 

Flowers in Kenya and South America are very tightly regulated and all farms are fair trade accredited.

Wafex works very closely with our overseas partners to continually improve conditions and outcomes.