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Capability Statement: ISO Quality Assurances Accreditation.

Wafex has a team of seasoned professionals many who have been with the company for over ten years. Having on the ground staff in the key growing regions of Kenya and Ecuador we can ensure grower deliveries are quality checked, vacuum cooled and despatched on time with all the necessary paperwork.

Wafex truly is a global company with our flowers being sourced from Australia, Asia, South Africa, The Netherlands, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Spain, France, Portugal, Japan, Ecuador, Colombia, Italy as well as California and Oregon.

Wafex USA is one of the very few fresh flower exporters in the USA, specializing in exports of Australian native cut flower varieties, grown in the outstanding Southern California climate.

Our national spread of locations throughout Australia are all within easy reach of domestic and international airports ensuring that we can sell and source flowers throughout Australia. Wafex owns or leases four farms in Australia, many planted with the latest varieties of Waxflower from our breeding programme with our sister company Helix.

Wafex is the only flower company to have ISO quality assurance accreditation in Australia and we are in control of the product, from the farm and all the way through to our customer, wherever in the world.