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Our Farms: Supporting Australian growers

Wafex is a strong supporter of Australian Growers and farms and promoting the thousands of varieties native to our country, locally and globally.

We have also developed our own farms to complement the range of our grower base and to plant trials for our Helix Australia breeding program.

Our farms predominately grow Australian Native Flowers and South African Native Flowers and are situated in the best grower regions with ideal conditions for the Wildflowers we grow.

Harris Farm – Dandaragan, Western Australia

“Harris Farm” is named after our long time growers who harvested Scholtzia and Banksia on the farm prior to Wafex management and is a short drive from our West Swan facility, north of Perth.

The farm hosts the Helix Australia breeding and trial crops and also Wafex’s large Waxflower plantation.   

Along with Waxflower we produce Banksia, Regelia, Woolly Bush and Boronia on the farm!

Check out our Waxflower plantation!

Mindara Farm – Mogumber, Western Australia

Nestled in the picturesque town of Mogumber, north of Western Australia, is our Banksia farm “Mindara”.  This farm was purchased by Wafex as it had existing Banksia plants and great sandy soil suitable for this species!

After a massive replanting and expansion effort we are confident that our Mindara Farm will go a long way to securing future supply for this popular Australian native.  

Key crops on the farm includes Banksia Hookeriana and Banksia Prionotes.

Binningup Farm – Binningup, Western Australia

Binningup Farm is in the coastal town of Binningup in the South West of Western Australia close to the beach and the City of Bunbury and is ideally located for growing Wildflowers!

We are so excited to see what our farm will produce in the coming years as we have planted one of the most impressive selection of Australian and South African flora you will see in the country! Years of research and experience has meant that the flower selection is the most sought after lines that in many cases are flowering counter seasonal to our existing supply base.  

As well as the more recent plantings, Binningup also has a mature crops such as Waxflower, Leucadendron, Eucalyptus, Protea and Leucospermum.   
At completion we are expecting 10 acres to be under cultivation and the varieties will include: Boronia, Hakea, Eucalyptus, Ixodia, Serruria, Kunzea, Riceflower, Melaleuca and Dryandra, as well as hybrid and unique Protea and Banksia.

Longford Farm – Longford, Victoria

Longford Farm is in the Gippsland region of Victoria and is home to our east coast Helix Waxflower Plantation and trials.

It is important to have varieties that can flower from early May to December and testing on Longford insures that the varieties do not overlap or compete with existing varieties.

Longford also has an array of popular varieties such as Kangaroo Paws, Banksia, Leptospermum, Christmas Bush and Flannel Flower.