Forward Thinking and Progression. The Wafex way.

In 2006 Craig Musson and Adrian Parsons decided they needed to invest in Waxflower breeding to ensure the continuity and future of Australia’s most popular commercial native flower so they created the breeding company Helix Australia and started funding and commercialising new varieties of Waxflower.

To do this they needed farms on which to grow the product, produce the mother stock and to undertake the trial work. In 2010 they leased a farm at Regan’s Ford, north of Perth in Western Australia and purchased another at Longford in Gippsland, Victoria. These farms were the first purchased by Wafex and they provided the real opportunity to trial varieties and produce mother stock.

WA and Victoria continues’ to provide Wafex with two different climates for this trialling and development of new varieties, plus the commercial production of flowers from the farms. The lifespan of a new variety is approximately six years, so Wafex and Helix Australia are continually developing new varieties to ensure there is an ongoing pipeline of new products always available to the market.

Helix Australia has been instrumental in ensuring the future of Australian Waxflower