When Hannah from our Import department announced she was getting engaged in 2019 of course we were excited after discussing for some time the dream of a black wedding dress!

We work daily sourcing the best flowers in the world but at our side of things it feels like we see more paperwork than flowers and stressful nights making sure we get flowers from farms through quarantine and into the waiting arms of designers.

We see their magic from a distance and often spend Monday mornings looking up weddings and events which we know went through our hands the week before and marvel at how beautiful they are!

SO! Knowing that an October wedding means that we are already pushing, of course we decided on Toffee and Quicksand (how could it be a wedding without “Quick”?) and finishing off the amazing look (inspired by one of our Instagram idols Dr Cooper) was Explorer Roses, dramatic Preserved Hanging Amaranthus, black Hydrangea and Eucalyptus (because we are Australian after all and we just couldn’t bare not having some of our Aussie flowers in there!)

Massive thank you to our farms that perform week in week out on coming through as always with beautiful blooms. It is always extra special when it is close to our hearts!


Picture: Natalija Brunovs – We Are All Stardust Studio