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Please check for your questions below. If you cannot find the answers you require, please contact WAFEX and we will gladly answer your questions.

FAQ's - Packaging & Delivery

Q.  Should boxes be labeled prior to despatch?
A.  Yes. Boxes should be clearly addressed to either WAFEX Perth or WAFEX Melbourne. In addition, we request that growers label each box end with the type and grade of flower, quantity per box and allocate a box number to each box.

Q. Does WAFEX organise freight from grower to WAFEX?
A. It is the responsibility of the grower to organise delivery and freight of their flowers to the WAFEX packing facility in Perth or Melbourne. With over 20 years experience in organising domestic and export freight, WAFEX buyers are able to advise new growers on the most practical and cost effective freight option for their flowers.

Q. Should Growers deliver flowers in water or packed dry in boxes?
A. This is dependent on the specific flower type, the growers location and proximity to a WAFEX packing facility. Prior to organising delivery, please contact a WAFEX buyer advice/guidelines.

Q. What sort of boxes should growers use for packaging flowers supplied to WAFEX?
A. For flowers that have been fumigated prior to packing and graded to export standards, flowers should be packed in new export flower cartons - either in generic flower cartons or WAFEX branded flower cartons. For flowers supplied to WAFEX that require fumigation and grading for export, secondhand cartons are acceptable.

Q. Do flowers supplied to WAFEX need to be fumigated/insect free prior to delivery to WAFEX?
A. This is not necessary, but we do encourage growers to carry out all pre-shipment fumigation of their flowers after harvest. For growers that do not have fumigation facilities, WAFEX buyers can advise on a recommended spray program prior to crop harvest.

Q. What paperwork should growers supply to WAFEX with each delivery?
A. Growers should fax an invoice or include an invoice with each delivery to WAFEX. Our receival staff use this invoice and relevant buying order to receive and check all items and quantities supplied. Grower invoices should reference the WAFEX buying order number, date of delivery, name of product, grade of each product (e.g. by length and/or bunch size) and the quantities and price of each item supplied.

FAQ's - General

Q. Does WAFEX handle flowers on the domestic market?
A. Yes. In addition to our established exports to over 16 counties, WAFEX also distributes Australian native flowers and foliage in all major capital city markets. WAFEX's representation on the domestic market enables us to take a wide range of quality grades from a grower and play a vital marketing role for your crop.

Q. How do new growers access the Registered Growers section of the WAFEX website?
A. After three months consistent supply to WAFEX, new growers can apply to receive password access to the Registered Grower's section of the WAFEX website. The Registered Growers section features regular newsletters and sales reports on export flower trends for major Australian flower crops.

Q. How do growers advise WAFEX of forthcoming crop availability and harvest program? A. We encourage growers to fax or call WAFEX weekly on upcoming crop availability - including variety details, grades, quantity estimates, harvest period and price indication. Print off the crop availability form and fax us your complete crop details which we can input into our data system.

Q. Does a grower need to have large volume to supply export flowers to WAFEX?
A. No. WAFEX sources flowers from over 300 growers throughout Australia and overseas and we consolidate varying volumes supplied into large export shipments.

FAQ's - Pricing and Invoicing

Q. Does WAFEX purchase flowers fixed price or consignment only?
A. Other than flowers supplied on consignment for Japanese auction sales, all flowers purchased by WAFEX are on a fixed price basis and prices are negotiated by WAFEX buyers taking into account supply, demand, quality and grading stands of the flower crops on offer.

Q. Does WAFEX provide a commission marketing service for growers to the Japanese Flower Auctions?
A. Yes. WAFEX has been exporting Australian flowers and foliage to Japan for over 9 years. The WAFEX brand is well established on the Japanese auctions. WAFEX's commission service to Japan co-ordinates all grading, fumigation, packing of flowers to Japanese export standards, completes freight co-ordination to Japan, prepares shipping documents, organises necessary phyto-sanitary inspection and certification, and provides growers with prompt detailed sales report clearly outlining all costs and returns. For more information on WAFEX's Japan commission service, contact Craig Musson at WAFEX Perth, or Adrian Parsons, at WAFEX Melbourne.

Q. Does WAFEX require a monthly statement?
A. Yes. At the end of each month, the grower must fax or mail a statement listing invoice numbers and dollar value supplied to WAFEX in that month - with a total dollar value outstanding at the base of the statement. Grower cheques are not posted until a grower's monthly statement has been supplied.

Q. When does WAFEX pay growers for their crop?
A. Upon receiving the monthly statement, cheques are posted on the 28th of the month following delivery. I.e. flowers delivered in June will be paid on 28th July.

Q. Does WAFEX have a Buying Order Form or quote a buying order number with each order?
A. Yes, click to view. All buying orders are faxed to growers specifying order quantities, grades, prices, fumigation details, delivery date and any specific harvest information. The buying order number should be listed on the grower's invoice. If growers do not have a fax, the WAFEX buyer will phone through the order and quote a buying order number.

Q. How does the the GST affect my pricing/invoicing for WAFEX deliveries?
A. All WAFEX growers MUST have an ABN number and this must be listed on every TAX INVOICE supplied to WAFEX. When quoting/negotiating prices with WAFEX buyers, please quote a price exclusive GST and add the 10% GST amount to the total of the invoice, i.e. 100 Banksia @ $0.60 - will be $60, plus 10% GST($6.00). Total Invoice $66.00.